Have you ever played a game of darts and thought: is there no easy way to keep score of the game on a mobile device like a phone or tablet?
Well, now there is! With unmatched easyness you can now track your  scores on your phone or tablet and even post your game results on Facebook!

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With Dart Scorekeeper you can keep your scores while playing the 'real-life' game.

Dart Scorekeeper currently supports the following:

The most easy scoring entry system ever! Just point your finger on the board and it will zoom in so you can place your darts.

  • Supports up to 4   players.

  • Post your game results on Facebook to share with others!

  • Single Game Mode.

  • Match Mode:

    •   Best of 3 or 5 legs per set.

    •   Best of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13 sets.

  • x01 games (301, 501, 801, 1001):

    •   Double In option.

    •   Double out option. 

  • Cricket game:

    •  Play from 20 - 10 or from 20 - 15.

    •  Selectable display for scores.

 Get it on Google Play Dart Scorekeeper - Marmar Apps